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Hey, I'm Kyohei! 👋


I'm a JavaScript Developer with 10+ years of experience in web systems development.


  • Expertise: TypeScript, Node.js, React, Serverless, Technical SEO.

  • Love: Open Source Software, Personal development(個人開発)

Kyohei Fukuda


Wix - Feb 2023 - Present

  • Developer Advocate / Solution Engineer, Solving customer problems with Velo and advocating

Nulab Inc. - Jan 2021 - Jan 2023

  • Development of the project management tool Backlog.

Sharefull Co., Ltd. - Aug 2018 - Jan 2021

  • Started the development of a new service called Sharefull, a matching platform for companies and workers for gig work.

  • New development of Hito-link Performance, goal management, and evaluation system for human resources.

If you need a detailed explanation (results and impacts), please contact me via LinkedIn. Then, I'll send you a complete resume.


This article will introduce you to a collection of libraries for creating PDFs in Javascript, showing their use-cases and comparing their features. In particular, I focus on the following aspects:

  • Is it easy to integrate with a modern front-end application?

  • Does it work in Node or the browser?

  • Is it available as a UMD module?

  • Is it a Typed library?

  • Does it support custom fonts?

I suggested using Github to manage a personal task, which is already familiar to engineers, and using it for projects other than system development. It can be used as a free and convenient project management tool.
For example:

  • You can create a project called "house moving," create an Issue of things to do, write down the procedures and other details, and manage them in the Kanban section.

  • Set up an "Issue" of the book to read, and then once you read it, you can leave a comment on your "Issue" notes.

This article explains how to use the Chrome extension called React Inspector and how it works.


  • Typescript, Node.js, React, webpack

  • I developed this library with the aim of providing a better declarative style PDF generation library.

  • After the release, it received over 130 Upvotes on ProductHunt and over 1800 stars on GitHub.

  • Chrome Extensions, Typescript, CRXJS

  • React inspector identifies React source code and opens it from an HTML element in the browser.

  • More details on how it works can be found in this document

React Inspector
  • Typescript, React, Gatsby, Firebase

  • PDF creation service to create address labels and barcodes.

  • I manage everything by myself, including development, UI/UX design, and marketing.

  • 2 years after the first release, it has registered 15,000 users and an average of 300,000 monthly PV. Monetized over $4,000 MRR in subscriptions, advertising, and API integration with external enterprise services.
  • React, Web worker

  • I created a spreadsheet-based step sequencer using handsontable, a data grid library.

  • I separated sound processing into worker threads using Web workers to avoid rhythm delays and display render delays.

SpreadSheet meets Music
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